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Monthly Archives: February 2017

Long Lasting Pier

The first form of damage is wood such as; broken, cracked or warped floor joists or beams, wood rot or insect damage and rotten sill plates. You can also discover water or moisture damage. This can include improper drainage under the house, improper ventilation under home, standing water, pier movement due to seasonal soil moisture, and pad and block inundated by water. Finally, builder or homeowner miscalculation also happens causing inadequate number of piers, shallow piers, defective shimming, and addition of second story with no additional pier supports.

Pier And Beam Support Functions

Pier and beam houses are houses that have a crawl space, which is the space between the floor and the ground. The pier is the concrete that goes into the ground and bears the weight of the building on foundation beams of wood. All foundations can have problems in clay soil. Some people feel that with pressure treated wood and metal brackets and straps for setting beams, this foundation type is stronger than ever. The footing for the pier does best in well-drained or evenly moist soil with a well-ventilated crawl-space. The number of piers is calculated to best bear the weight of the house. There are some pier and beam structures that also involve a concrete perimeter grade beam.

Problems With Pier And Beam Structures

There are those who criticize the pier and beam structure, and these are their objections. One reason given is compared to concrete’s cleanliness, wood is susceptible to rot and insect damage, therefore, it is imperative to prevent ground to wood contact, wherever possible. Another reason is pier and beam structures may be poorly spaced and the lumber, due to its nature, may be poorly shaped and spaced, allowing for dipping or bowing of floors. Concrete and steel are more uniform.

Typical Repairs You’ll See To Foundations

Concrete Perimeter Beam: If the home does involve a concrete perimeter beam, some easy repairs can be made by lifting the home and using pressed pilings for leveling.

Wood Replacement: As mentioned earlier, often wood in the crawl space rots due to moisture and must be replaced. There can also be insect damage. At times whole beams need replacement.

Interior Floor Levels: Floor levels are adjusted using metal shims. However at times shifting is major enough to require addition of extra piers. This is particularly true if error has been made in judging the number of piers needed for the house or addition supports.

Applying Sound Insulation

The problem of noise and sound can happen in every materials your home is made from. If you’re living in a classic property or a new home, a floor or a flat, poor quality of building can always be an issue of complain for sound by the people. For all houses that are over the two decades, there may be litter or no sound insulation at all. There is no improvement used or often there’s no scope of enhancement. You are still terrified with the leaking noises from walls, filling your room like smoke does.

The sound differs from being able to hear loud noises or laughter to simple discussions from the nearby neighbors or perhaps their televisions. There are several tricks and tips for sound insulation setup. The first thing would be to ascertain where sound is coming from. What are the important places where noise moves from your neighbor’s residence to your property. The most typical means are directly, through an isolating floor or wall and not directly, when there’s a cavity in the wall structure without sound insulation established.

Sound can even be airborne. It may be getting into your home from open doors and windows. When a sound travels by way of the structure, particularly when it’s the ground or a flanking transmission, it is likely to vibrate the entire structure, thereby, creating the sound to radiate in the whole area.

The most common approach to these sounds would be to build another construction across the wall or floor with some gap between the primary and the recently created. This makes sure that there’s sound insulation by using air spaces that will absorb all of the sound waves and will never let it reach you.

The two kinds of sounds coming from the floor are airborne noise and Impact noise. Impact noises are the ones where whenever, any structure has been used, it vibrates the whole house. For example an individual climbing actions, Airborne, as stated previously is music, conversation and sound. There are several solutions for this to lessen. There are many components like studywork frames, or sound absorbent quilts which can be placed in the house to reduce noise. Home made remedies could be dangling mineral wool in the hole of walls, or apply flexible sealant round the border.

Avoid Septic Disasters

Once you find out the information that is necessary, contact the septic tank service and ask them about the costs and installation fees. When you agree upon a certain system, they will come and provide septic tank installation for your septic tank.

Having the right septic tank can affect how much of your sewage may decompose. It is pivotal that you purchase the right one for your house. Also, some older houses may need their septic system fixed or corrected. If this is the case of your house, you need to contact the company and talk to them about what issues you are experiencing.

Then, the employees will come and work on your system. They will discover what the issue may be and if need be, they will replace your septic tank. However, allow them to be the judge of what is going on. Replacing a septic system can be pricy but it is a necessary step that needs to be taken. Do not allow your system to back up or you will experience many problems that could have otherwise been avoided.

By having the correct knowledge and understanding of these systems, you can save yourself a world of trouble. This is why you should research your system and figure out about how it works and how to maintain it. A good system can last for many years, if it is treated right and used properly. Instead of waiting until it is too late, decide today to research information for yourself about these systems.

Crawl Space

Reasoning and Verification

No solution will be forcefully imposed on the home owners. After explaining the damage caused to the foundation and analyzing its consequences, the foundation repair contractors, who are certified and licensed, leave it to your discretion to choose the solution that most suits you. The solutions are custom made and it is wise to act swiftly rather than wait and suffer further damage to your foundation.

Performance & Products

If you would like to have a permanent solution to a damaged foundation, consider the recommendation of the contractor and take steps to start the remediation immediately. Understand, there is a permanent solution to the problem. Most foundation repair companies offer follow-up visits to the site to ensure the customer is satisfied and that the problem has not reoccurred. The solutions come with a written warranty for both product and service.

In addition to the foundation, the crawl space is also important in ensuring the structural support of your home.

Crawl Space Repair

The most common signs that your crawl space requires attention are:

  • Interior drywall cracks
  • Uneven floors
  • Foul odors inside the home
  • Symptoms of allergies or Asthma