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Experience a Higher Return on Livestock

A high return on any livestock investment depends on the health and weight of the animal. Cattle, bison, deer, pigs, and sow need to consume plenty of feed that is high in protein. Today, feed manufacturers are utilizing the latest scientific data and the most advanced technology to deliver healthy feed and supplements that will improve current investment returns. A delicate balance between extra intake and more protein is required to add weight that is not going to result in extra fat in the meat.

What is Available?

High-quality vitamin and mineral supplements designed specifically for deer can increase intake. Deer farmers will notice up to a fifteen percent increase. That translates into an average yield of ten percent higher weight per animal. Depending on the size of the farm, that will boost revenues by a substantial amount of money.

Another nutritional supplements, such as GP PRO+, are also developed to keep animals healthy. It can be used for livestock, fish, and pets. The biggest difference this supplement makes is in pig and sow performance.

Compare supplements and feeds to determine which will suit unique purposes and future goals of the farm or ranch. If the feed is already rich in protein and minerals, a supplement to encourage intake may be all that is needed to raise returns. When intake is not an issue, switching to a different feed may reach the same goal.

Discovering New Blends

Years of research goes into new blends offered by top-quality and experienced feed companies. Experienced farmers and ranchers may have invented their own blend. A homemade blend that helps business owners enjoy a higher return on their investment may also provide another stream of income.

Some manufacturers offer comprehensive services to allow owners to market their special blend. Creators can work with in-house nutritionists, veterinarians, and marketing specialists to test and improve the original blend. If it works for you, it can also work for other farm and ranch owners.

Custom blends can be made in small batches and packaged for sale on the market. Once the new blend is established, larger production runs can be added. Spray drying, a variety of packaging options, and logistics can all be handled by the manufacturer. Sales, distribution, and warehousing are additional services to promote the new blend.