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Top 3 Payroll Tools for your Construction Business

Paying off employees may be a hard nut to crack for merchants in the construction business. Even so, it is essential in ensuring your workforce is taken care of. Since you’re handling several tasks on a daily basis, you can easily overlook your payroll duties or even make minor errors that could cost you a fortune due to accumulating fees and fines.

And because the internet is the world’s meeting point these days, why not ensure payroll precision by making use of online payroll services or tools. These tools assist small business owners to effortlessly complete payroll without the worry of errors, legal mistakes or time wastage. Here’s a compilation of 5 top payroll tools you can use in your construction company.

  1. Intuit Payroll

Intuit has multiple payroll service alternatives for virtually all types of small business owners. This online service is a perfect choice for merchants who use QuickBooks, as they have QuickBook-compatible options.

You can start off with their basic package for a monthly fee of $25 per month. This option enables the user to instantly create paychecks for all W-2 workers, has an automated tax calculation system and allows for free direct deposit. On top of that, the package offers useful extras e.g. mobile payroll (using your Smartphone) and fast & free live support.

Intuit’s premium package is only $39 per month. It offers payroll taxes as well as paychecks. This package is inclusive of everything in the Basic package, but also robotically fills in your tax forms and enables you file and pay taxes electronically. Lastly, they also have a Full Service option they offer for $99/month.

  1. RUN Powered by ADP

RUN is another exceptional payroll tool. It helps you restructure your payroll allowing you time for other tasks. Moreover, RUN has provided merchants with a mobile app that allows users to manage payroll from anywhere. Depending on your company needs, you can choose from these three packages;

The Essential Payroll that offers all basic payroll and tax filing services. Or, The Enhanced Payroll alternative that has all options of the Essential package plus added HR resources. Then again, there’s the, Complete Payroll plus HR option that’s all inclusive.

  1. OnPay

Onpay is simple and affordable—make it perfect for SMBs. They offer a clear-cut pricing model that will meet all your payroll needs. For a monthly fee of $76, you can enjoy unlimited pay runs, print checks, make deposits and tax filings. One unique feature of using OnPay for payroll is that it allows you, the owner, to delegate duties to staff, to enable access to certain features.

Apart from the above three, there are other great payroll options like Sage and Gusto. Make sure to check what works for you in terms of costs, company size and ease of operation. If you lack the funds to subscribe for the services, you can apply out for a merchant cash advance bad credit loan.