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Multiple Helpers Around the Home

When my husband and I were together, he took care of most of the handy work around the home. He knew how to build and repair just about anything. Since our divorce, I’ve been left with the task of getting everything done around the home. Most of the time I just hire someone that can do the job for me, since I don’t really have any building or repairing skills. Most recently, I was able to get Irvine shutters installed on the windows in my home.

My decision to have shutters put in was basically on a whim. I was watching a sitcom on television and I noticed that the windows all had shutters. I realize that the home was basically a set created by the production studio, but it really looked like the inside of a home, and the shutters were wonderful. I looked at the companies in my area that could do a shutter installation and gave the most affordable one a call. From there, they took care of everything, from measuring to installing the shutters.

Lots of other television shows have home items that I think are pretty neat. You could take the bits and pieces from these homes and build a nice composite home that would be better than any home that actually exists. A light fixture from one soap opera, a marble counter top from a cooking show, a deck from a comedy, and even a living room from a cop drama. I’ll have to find someone that can identify the types of items used in these homes. Surely there’s a lot of people out there besides my husband who knows about these kinds of things. I’ve been learning a few things with each company I call for service, and from watching the home improvement channel.