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Removing Mold

One way to tell if you have or are starting to have basement mold is you may smell a musty odor even if you just cleaned the area. Many cases of typical basement mold are characterized by the appearance of bluish, black, or white spots that might appear to be raised or have a fuzzy look. These spots can appear anywhere and can be porous or organic. If you should notice that the paint is peeling off your basement walls you should check for mold. Having a basement water leak from pipes can also cause a mold problem in your furniture, ceiling, or carpet.

When you notice that you have basement mold you should not ignore it but try to solve the problem as quick as you can to avoid affecting anyone with health issues. Before you begin to clear away the mold make sure that you are wearing gear to protect yourself, especially gloves and a face mask. When you start to clean to get rid of the mold you are going to have to take every thing out of your basement. This includes your carpet, any storage units whether they are metal or made of cardboard boxes, furniture, appliances, etc. Once you get everything out in the sunlight inspect everything very closely. If it really affected by the basement mold, get rid of it. What you can you need to make sure that you clean it thoroughly and let it stay in the sunlight for several days. You can either clean your carpet with a cleaner that removes mold, using a steamer, or it if is too bad, you may have to throw it away.

Once everything is out you need to check to see if there is a basement water leak and if so, take care of it. The next thing you need to do is apply basement mold remover on the floors and walls. After you have cleaned everything dry the entire basement with a humidifier. Cleaning the basement is not enough to prevent basement mold so be sure to use a dehumidifier often in the basement and check regularly for any leaks. Taking these steps will help prevent basement mold.