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Steel Tubing Ensures a Solid Frame For Your Carport or Barn Project

A carport is an important part of a home’s exterior and it can have a big impact on the interior spaces of the home as well. Although it isn’t completely enclosed as a garage is, a carport doesn’t just keep a car safe from wind, hail and debris that might damage it. A carport also can be a place to store tools and equipment or it could even become a workshop. No matter how the carport is used, it’s important to choose the right kind of materials with which to build it. Many homeowners are finding that steel tubing ensures a solid frame for your carport or barn project.

There are several different reasons steel tubing is a good choice for a carport or even for a more substantial storage building such as a barn. Steel tubing, which has improved in a number of ways over the past 20 years, is more resistant to dents and crushing weights, by up to 30 percent, than it once was. Although the tubing is stronger and more durable, its weight hasn’t increased. Instead, innovations in design have given steel tubing a very high ratio of strength to weight. Steel tubing structures can handle the loads put on them much better than wood or other kinds of building materials. A steel tubing carport doesn’t need a concrete foundation. Its lightweight materials make it ideal for use anywhere on a property.

Weather, of course, is an enemy to all kinds of building materials. Wood, brick, stone and even siding feel the effects of high winds, rain, snow or hailstones. Steel tubing isn’t completely impervious to weather, but it is one of the most durable of the building materials known. Consequently, steel tubing carports and buildings can last for up to 50 years with very little maintenance. Wood and other types of carports can’t handle weather as well.

Some of the other common problems homeowners see in carports, such as termite damage, don’t occur in steel tubing structures. The structure won’t need to be repaired due to fire damage or rot because these conditions won’t affect it. Steel tubing carports can be built to nearly any size specification because the tubing is available in almost any size, no matter how small or how tall the carport needs to be. Consider steel tubing when it’s time to build a carport.