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The Three Most Popular Bathroom Vanity Designs

A bathroom should be a sanctuary and a spa like space where individuals can detox from a stressful day and be surrounded by beauty. One of the biggest focal points of any bathroom is the sink, as it is not only one of the largest features, but one of the most used. It is important for a homeowner to choose a design that is both appealing to the eye and will meet their needs for years to come.

Choosing the right sink can be tricky. Make it easier by considering one of the most popular styles being used in homes all over the country.

Freestanding Unit

Though it is one of the most commonly used, a freestanding design can provide timeless elegance and easy installation. Most come in a wide array of designs, from solid wood to plywood construction. Some homeowners are choosing to use an existing piece of furniture, such as a dresser or vanity, and turn it into a beautiful and one of a kind bathroom sink that will add whimsy and style.

Washstand Design

The washstand design was popular many years ago but has made a comeback as people seek out simple elegance. Most are constructed of a metal frame and rest on the floor, which provides an uninhibited view of the floor and wall behind the sink.

They come in both single and double models, which makes them perfect for families and houses of all sizes. They are ideal for contemporary homes or older homes that are in need of a makeover.

Wall Mounted

One of the newest trends is to utilize a wall mounted sink. These units are mounted to the wall and have no feet or leg supports. This makes it easy to clean around them, as the floor, baseboards and lower wall are all visible. Homeowners who are looking to provide a modern look and those who are looking for a sink for a small area are typically drawn to these, as they take up little space.

Designing a bathroom can be challenging, but with a little homework, anyone can find the perfect sink to make any space have a beautiful feel and a custom look. Be sure to learn more by seeing what other people suggest, and take any bathroom from old and outdated to modern and beautiful.