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Understanding Veterinary Compounding: Why Some Animal Prescriptions Require Special Attention

The key to Understanding Veterinary Compounding is realizing how limited the pharmacy options often are for some pets and livestock. Certain medication may not be available at all or may not exist in a form that is usable with the pet. Compounding enables the owner of the animal to care for them properly rather than be forced to watch the animal needlessly suffer.

Make it Appealing

Sometimes the only thing a compounding service does is increase the appeal of the drug to encourage the animal to take the medication. For example, the may cover the natural taste of the drug with a flavor that is more enjoyable to the animal like beef or tuna. The medication is less likely to be spit out and wasted and the animal gets their complete dosage on time for a better result.

Change its Form

The ability to coax a pet into taking their medication could also depend on its form. Not every animal is equally willing to take pills, tablets or liquid. If a drug is only available in one form it could lead to many pets not getting the help they need.

Adjust its Dosage

Cutting a tablet into a safe dosage for a three-pound Chihuahua may not be possible if the total tablet was meant for something ten times its size. The danger of attempting to adjust a dosage at home is that the pet could overdose or they do not receive enough medication to treat their illness. Compounding facilities prepare each dose to match the prescription for each animal.

Obtaining the Drug

Drugs get discontinued and veterinary pharmacies run out. Compound pharmacies offer a faster solution than searching around for the medication and waiting for a shipment. Most compounding services work swiftly to prepare the formula and ship it out as fast as possible to avoid any health-risks caused by delays.

Compounding is a safe and regulated service that increases the options available to pet owners and animal caretakers. Every issue from fussiness to allergies and body size are addressed to ensure that each animal receives their medication in the correct dosage, the right flavor and in a form they will consume. Compounding is not always necessary and the majority of pet owners will still receive their medication directly from their veterinarian, but when the need arises it is reassuring to know that help is available.