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Multiple Helpers Around the Home

When my husband and I were together, he took care of most of the handy work around the home. He knew how to build and repair just about anything. Since our divorce, I’ve been left with the task of getting everything done around the home. Most of the time I just hire someone that can do the job for me, since I don’t really have any building or repairing skills. Most recently, I was able to get Irvine shutters installed on the windows in my home.

My decision to have shutters put in was basically on a whim. I was watching a sitcom on television and I noticed that the windows all had shutters.

Modern Home with Classic Brick

Now one thing that we too have noticed is the advancement of our housing. No matter how cool or quirky our generation strives to be, nothing will ever replace the feeling of coming home to a warm, comfortable home filled with memories and home-made delights.

However, some of these new ‘housing’ programmes we see, the ones with run down sheds being transformed into distorted castles, depict a new modern take on how our houses should look. They promote the remote, still, empty, plain and clinical feeling through their ‘homes’. Aluminium houses and an entire wall made out of glass isn’t too appealing, we agree with the elderly generation with this: let the brick stay!

Warm, cosy and durable; the brick is a material that has proven to be a success and it should live on. The thought of the ‘TV trend’ catching on would be a somewhat mini disaster, the thought is of coldness; pure white walls may appear clean but they are certainly chilling.

So what are the perks of brick? Why does

Foundations Fixed

Concrete leveling is what all homeowners should know about. Concrete leveling is when a company comes to a home or office and levels the concrete around the house and street so that it does not crack or get destroyed. By using leveling companies, you will ensure yourself and your family that your house or office is not going to be literally, torn from beneath you. These companies will smooth out all of the concrete so that it can fix all minor – and major – issues of the house. Concrete leveling is the same for everybody everywhere but concrete leveling should be paid close attention to and all residents should consider their concrete around their house.

Foundation repair is another thing that all homeowners should know about – this option will fill and repair the cracks and tears within the foundation of the house. This will stop all further cracking and will prevent the house from being completely destroyed. This will make your house last longer and continue to bring you joy for many years to come.

Removing Mold

One way to tell if you have or are starting to have basement mold is you may smell a musty odor even if you just cleaned the area. Many cases of typical basement mold are characterized by the appearance of bluish, black, or white spots that might appear to be raised or have a fuzzy look. These spots can appear anywhere and can be porous or organic. If you should notice that the paint is peeling off your basement walls you should check for mold. Having a basement water leak from pipes can also cause a mold problem in your furniture, ceiling, or carpet.

When you notice that you have basement mold you should not ignore it but try to solve the problem as quick as you can to avoid affecting anyone with health issues. Before you begin to clear away the mold make sure that you are wearing gear to protect yourself, especially gloves and a face mask. When you start to clean to get rid of the mold you are going to have to

Top 3 Payroll Tools for your Construction Business

Paying off employees may be a hard nut to crack for merchants in the construction business. Even so, it is essential in ensuring your workforce is taken care of. Since you’re handling several tasks on a daily basis, you can easily overlook your payroll duties or even make minor errors that could cost you a fortune due to accumulating fees and fines.

And because the internet is the world’s meeting point these days, why not ensure payroll precision by making use of online payroll services or tools. These tools assist small business owners to effortlessly complete payroll without the worry of errors, legal mistakes or time wastage. Here’s a compilation of 5 top payroll tools you can use in your construction company.

  1. Intuit Payroll

Intuit has multiple payroll service alternatives for virtually all types of small business owners. This online service is a perfect choice for merchants who use QuickBooks, as they have QuickBook-compatible options.

You can start off with their basic package for a monthly fee of $25

Basement Waterproofing Is Crucial

Natural calamities can become disasters

If you reside in a hurricane prone or heavy rainfall area, then you must not neglect waterproofing your basements. This is because these areas are vulnerable to flooding. Excess water from the ground might seep in through the basement easily. Rainwater can enter through the cracks which already exist in the wall and cause seepage. Also, hydrostatic pressure is created when the flood water forms puddles in the earth surrounding the foundation walls. Over time, the water is pushed over the wall due to the pressure, and can lead to flooding of the basement. This makes basement waterproofing a must in such areas.

Property Damage

If you like to use the basement to store equipment, books and furniture, or have a garage or wine cellars at the basement, it is important to get the area waterproofed. If you don’t waterproof, the water seeping in can ruin your belongings, especially if they are made out of wood.


Check for mold growth in the basement and the surrounding areas. If you find the growth, you need to hasten and waterproof your basement. Damp areas act as breeding platforms for

All about Helical Piers

A helical pier is truly a very flexible and versatile tool. It has many uses and does its job well; it’s easy to use and predictable. It functions reliably as it should without negative side effects. Additionally, new uses are being found for this wonderful tool all the time.

Helical piles are a great long-term solution. If a retaining wall or basement wall is tipping, for example, the installation of helical piers can stop the movement and possibly even pull the wall back toward being straight.

These flexible foundation tools have many uses. If a foundation is needed but the soil will not support a traditional spread footing, a helical can be pre-installed. When the concrete footing or grade beam is poured on top of the pier, the concrete will be stable and able to hold the load of the new structure.

Additionally, helical piers can be used in interesting ways, including use:

  • As tie-downs for signs that need wind overturn resistance
  • As resistance for guy wires
  • As lateral resistance to prevent down-hill sliding
  • As a method of soil stabilization
  • As soil nails
  • As building support over water sites such as a boat garage
  • As temporary supports in applications where

Tips Manage Flooded Basement

A basement flood can vary from a few centimeters of water to knee height or more. It depends on what causes the flood. As with any flood damage you want to remove the water as quickly as possible to reduce the risk of mold and any further damage to the property.

When you head down to the basement and notice that the area is flooded, it’s understandable that you go into complete panic mode. But try and keep a cool head, there is a lot that needs to be done to reduce the risk of further damage.

Start by turning off any power that leads to the basement. Maybe you use the basement for laundry or you’ve converted it to a home office, whatever you use your basement for, you want to turn off the power straight away. Everyone knows that electricity and water don’t mix.

With the power turned off you can venture into the waters below. Be careful where you step and remove any items that are completely free of water damage. Boxes, photographs, furniture, basically anything that has no water damage should be removed from the area as quickly as possible.

Fibreglass Insulation In Cellar

1. Ruined by water and moisture

Much like a sponge, fibreglass absorbs water and humidity. As a result, it can become saturated with moisture via basement flooding, water leaking through walls, or simply from the high humidity levels that occur in this below-grade space.

2. Sagging and falling down

Wet fibreglass loses nearly all of its insulating value. Adding moisture to fibreglass transforms a light, fluffy material into a heavy material that sags, compresses and often falls out of place. Fibreglass batt insulation installed between ceiling joists in a cellar or basement often ends up on the floor if it gets wet.

3. Supports mould growth

It’s not rocket science to figure out that before too long, wet fibreglass is going to encourage mould and mildew growth, which is very bad news for your health. Mold growth that originates in fibreglass insulation can eventually lead to wood rot in nearby structural lumber, which can threaten the building’s structural integrity.

4. Air circulation

Fibreglass insulation can’t stop air circulation. So the insulation does nothing to stop air leaks that occur around cellar windows and around the perimeter of the cellar or basement.

Helical Pier Usage

Now this is getting creative. Do you see how one idea leads to more? Posts support many second-story sunrooms. Helicals can support them vertically or tie them back horizontally. Tiebacks lead to other uses. Basement walls often get pushed in by backfill, hydrostatic pressure, freezing, etc. Tie them back with helicals. The same holds true with retaining walls, which include wood as well as concrete and block. Sheet piles, often for industrial uses, can be tied back to keep the soil from collapsing or pushing over the sheet pile.

Temporary walls or walls in construction often need tieback support to resist wind loads during the building process. Consider a retaining wall at the water. Tiebacks can bring true stability during flood times. Speaking of water, how about a boat garage foundation support? Posts for docks are an option also. Helical piers are commonly used on boardwalks. They support the abutments for bridges. Helical piers can be used to suspend utility pipes from sinking or floating in poor soil conditions. They can hold the buildings and other items while adjacent work is completed.

That is not the end of the list, but it goes to show that

Some Types Of Foundation Repairs

Steel Pilings

If you want a material that is more durable for your foundation repair, steel pilings are your best choice. Steel is less susceptible to wear and erosion problems and can last longer than concrete pilings. However, steel pilings can be expensive and there are some limitations to how it can be used effectively.

Chemical/Soil Injection

Another foundation repair method is the use of water-soluble chemicals like ammonium salts and potassium ions. These chemicals prevent the soil surrounding your foundation from absorbing water. This avoids water-related damages on the foundation.

Root Barriers

If you have trees in your property or your house is located near a tree, the roots of the tree may cause foundation problems for you. Root barriers are designed to prevent the roots from pushing or growing into the foundation of the house. The materials often used for this method are sheet materials and solid objects.


Slabjacking or mudjacking is a foundation repair method that lifts back the foundation to its original space by pumping underneath it. Polyurethane resin or concrete are the common materials used in this process. This method is perfect for severe erosion

Exterior Concrete Wall

What is happening, water infiltrates the block or the concrete wall and as water evaporates from the surface the mineral deposits are left behind in the form of white substance. Although efflorescence is generally a visual problem, if the efflorescence crystals grow inside and under the surface, it can cause spalling of the foundation wall, which is when the surface peels, pops out or flakes off. The salt pushes from the inside out and can eventually cause crumbling and deterioration.

Efflorescence, water-soluble salts come from many possible sources. First of all; there must be water present to dissolve and transport the salts. Groundwater is often a source of efflorescence. For water to carry or move the salts to the surface there must be channels through which to move and migrate. The more dense the material more difficult for the water to transport salts to the surface. On the other hand, the more porous the material, the greater the ease with which salts are transported and deposited. Salt-bearing water, on reaching the surface of a structure, air evaporates to deposit the salt.

When humidity is low, the water may evaporate before reaching the surface of the structure,

Sand Dunes

Should a problem arise, it can be difficult to obtain the appropriate permits and to build on the sand. It can also be difficult to find equipment that can access the area and work well with the sand, and that will also be able to accurately penetrate down to the depth of firm strata underground.

Luckily, there is a great solution: a helical pier. A helical pier is a steel pipe or shaft with auger-type plates, which, when turned, threads deeply through the soil until it sets in to the firm strata deep below the surface. Turning torque will be able to define the adequate depth.

The helicals come in many sizes, and the helical plates are designed to combine and precisely deliver the support capacity that is required for each situation. These piers can be installed by hand power tools or small mobile units, which is much more practical on the dunes.

For a typical new construction site, helicals can be used to hold the load vertically as a deep foundation support. After the pier is installed, it is cut to the correct elevation and is cast into the concrete foundation for the house.

Concrete Settling

Concrete that was installed on improper sub grade may not have been properly compacted. Eventually, the slab will start to settle over a few years. Another common cause of concrete settling is soil erosion. Drainage, run off from roof water, and improper downspout placement can be a contributor in soil erosion and thus, slab settlement.

Third, some times there is just natural soil settlement. There is nothing that can prevent this type of settling. If the slab is five to seven years old, it could experience some natural movement. As the concrete starts to sink, it can cause walking hazards, water runoff, or foundation issues.

Many people do not realize that a fourth reason for concrete cracking is actually due to critter invasion! Small rodents, woodchucks, chipmunks, possums, and more can burrow under slabs and actually remove sub grade, allowing slabs to sink.

Fortunately, the repair process is pretty simple and isn’t destructive like concrete removal and replacement.

Small holes are drilled into the concrete slab that needs raising. A concrete slurry is pumped into these holes under slight pressure filling voids under the slab. As pressure builds, the slab is hydraulically raised to

Long Lasting Pier

The first form of damage is wood such as; broken, cracked or warped floor joists or beams, wood rot or insect damage and rotten sill plates. You can also discover water or moisture damage. This can include improper drainage under the house, improper ventilation under home, standing water, pier movement due to seasonal soil moisture, and pad and block inundated by water. Finally, builder or homeowner miscalculation also happens causing inadequate number of piers, shallow piers, defective shimming, and addition of second story with no additional pier supports.

Pier And Beam Support Functions

Pier and beam houses are houses that have a crawl space, which is the space between the floor and the ground. The pier is the concrete that goes into the ground and bears the weight of the building on foundation beams of wood. All foundations can have problems in clay soil. Some people feel that with pressure treated wood and metal brackets and straps for setting beams, this foundation type is stronger than ever. The footing for the pier does best in well-drained or evenly moist soil with a well-ventilated crawl-space. The number of piers is calculated to best bear the weight of

Applying Sound Insulation

The problem of noise and sound can happen in every materials your home is made from. If you’re living in a classic property or a new home, a floor or a flat, poor quality of building can always be an issue of complain for sound by the people. For all houses that are over the two decades, there may be litter or no sound insulation at all. There is no improvement used or often there’s no scope of enhancement. You are still terrified with the leaking noises from walls, filling your room like smoke does.

The sound differs from being able to hear loud noises or laughter to simple discussions from the nearby neighbors or perhaps their televisions. There are several tricks and tips for sound insulation setup. The first thing would be to ascertain where sound is coming from. What are the important places where noise moves from your neighbor’s residence to your property. The most typical means are directly, through an isolating floor or wall and not directly, when there’s a cavity in the wall structure without sound insulation established.

Sound can even be airborne. It may be getting into your home from open

Avoid Septic Disasters

Once you find out the information that is necessary, contact the septic tank service and ask them about the costs and installation fees. When you agree upon a certain system, they will come and provide septic tank installation for your septic tank.

Having the right septic tank can affect how much of your sewage may decompose. It is pivotal that you purchase the right one for your house. Also, some older houses may need their septic system fixed or corrected. If this is the case of your house, you need to contact the company and talk to them about what issues you are experiencing.

Then, the employees will come and work on your system. They will discover what the issue may be and if need be, they will replace your septic tank. However, allow them to be the judge of what is going on. Replacing a septic system can be pricy but it is a necessary step that needs to be taken. Do not allow your system to back up or you will experience many problems that could have otherwise been avoided.

By having the correct knowledge and understanding of these systems, you can save

Crawl Space

Reasoning and Verification

No solution will be forcefully imposed on the home owners. After explaining the damage caused to the foundation and analyzing its consequences, the foundation repair contractors, who are certified and licensed, leave it to your discretion to choose the solution that most suits you. The solutions are custom made and it is wise to act swiftly rather than wait and suffer further damage to your foundation.

Performance & Products

If you would like to have a permanent solution to a damaged foundation, consider the recommendation of the contractor and take steps to start the remediation immediately. Understand, there is a permanent solution to the problem. Most foundation repair companies offer follow-up visits to the site to ensure the customer is satisfied and that the problem has not reoccurred. The solutions come with a written warranty for both product and service.

In addition to the foundation, the crawl space is also important in ensuring the structural support of your home.

Crawl Space Repair

The most common signs that your crawl space requires attention are:

  • Interior drywall cracks
  • Uneven floors
  • Foul odors inside the home
  • Symptoms of allergies or Asthma

Timber Framing

It turns out the process of “timber framing,” or Fachwerk as it is known in German, that is being used in these houses is thousands of years old. The ancient Egyptians were using this method long before we had the advanced building technology that we use today. This structuring was also extremely popular in China and Japan up until the 20th century.

However, timber framing was most popular during the Middle Ages in Northern Europe. Large wooden beams would be fastened with interlocking joinery to form the wooden frames of churches, theaters, homes of the wealthy, and large barns.

When Europeans immigrated to North America, they brought this building approach with them. The timber framing trend swept America from the 1600s to the mid 1800s. Buildings from this time period that display timber framing are still standing in Williamsburg and Yorktown, Virginia, and George Washington’s home at Mount Vernon.

This process saw a resurgence in the 1970’s and an even larger revitalization in the 1990’s in the United States due to new computer operated timber cutting technology that was designed by the Germans. This technology allowed for more home owners to reap the benefits of

Make Great Flooring

Caring for your new vinyl flooring is relatively easy. Harsh chemicals may damage the surface so standard, diluted floor cleaner and a decent mop will be all that is required to keep your new floor clean and shiny. If possible buy a specialist vinyl cleaner as it will be more suited to the job but most all in one floor cleaners will say that they are suitable. If it doesn’t say so on the tub it best to air on the side of caution and choose a different option.

The final and best thing about this type of flooring is it can come in any shade or pattern. You may want wood but not want to incur the cost so you can buy vinyl that has a wooden effect pattern so it look like wood but doesn’t have the cost. This is only one example, you can usually pick from any colour and any pattern so you select the flooring that is perfect for the room that it is going to be laid in and not have to settle for the closest match.